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Keep your appliance running well

You can complete maintenance easily on your own that can extend the life of your appliance and keep it performing at its peak for you.


Increase efficiency, and avoid service calls. Though if your appliance does break down you can rely on our expert repair services.


Follow these easy tips from our 40 plus year old business, and get the most out of all of your appliances year after year.

Follow these easy procedures!

• Refrigerators- be sure you clean your condenser coil with a vacuum or appliance brush at least twice a year.  This keeps it cooler and prevents it from running constantly.  This increases its efficiency and will save you money.  


• Washers- Over-sudsing can cause leaks.  If this happens to you, for your next load add a cup of white vinegar and run a cycle with no clothes.  Then, be sure to use a low suds type laundry detergent.  Water supply hoses can wear thin and burst.  If you install stainless steel water hoses that are guaranteed against bursting they will last longer, and you will have less of a chance of getting water in your laundry room.


• Dryers- Be sure to clean your vent twice a y ear with a vacuum to prevent a fire.  You should also keep the vent hose as short and straight as possible.  Be sure to keep the lint filter in your dryer as clean as possible to increase the efficiency of your dryer


• Dishwasher- Be sure to remove scraps and rinse all your dishes. Keeping your hot water heater set to 140° to help keep dishes clean. You should also run a CLR (for removing Calcium, Lime and Rust) twice a year to remove deposits from the spray arms and keep your dishwasher running efficiently.


• Garbage Disposals- To sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, drop several ice cubes into the unit and run it. Putting lemon or orange peels in the disposal will help clean and deodorize it.


• Water Heaters- To increase the efficiency of your water heater once you have turned it to 140° for your dishwasher, wrap your water heater in a blanket. This can save you 20%, or around $100, a year.

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Your manufacturer's warranty will be honored, and you'll get warranties on our used appliances.


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